For Schools

TripAid is designed to be easy to admin for school's. New trips take less than a minute for an EVC to create and the codes are emailed directly to the EVC. The student code can be copied to any parental consent form and teacher codes can be shared internally. Teachers and students download the app then enter their school, their name and the code to join the trip and that's it....TripAid is ready to go.

TripAid allows your school to provide a safer environment for your students during school trips. Whether on a trip to the ski slopes, a foreign city, the beach or a theme park, any trip outside a classroom is a crucial time to ensure students safety. TripAid is designed by teachers, who are dedicated to ensuring that your school can maximise the safety of you students, by giving your teachers the ability to locate your students anywhere at anytime on an educational visit.

By using TripAid’s messaging groups, you ensure that your school can easily remain GDPR compliant. As no contact information is shared between users, users keep their privacy after the trip and keep control of who has their personal data. Try TripAid’s service for free by registering with us and signing up for a free 3 month trial.