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A Safer Environment

Making trips
safer for students &
easier for teachers

Your students safety is our priority. Our app offers a simple way to safeguard and oversee your trip.

What is trip aid?

An app that makes organising your trip easy

TripAid allows teachers to have greater control of their educational visits. With the ability to locate and message pupils and other colleagues on the trip, teachers can ensure that their students are always supported, protected and informed. Students can likewise, locate and message their teachers, giving them greater independence without having to share contact details, making GDPR compliance easy.

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Locate Students

Teachers will have the ability to track the location of students on school trips to keep an eye on their safety.

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Teachers and Students can communicate with each other individually through text format only and teacher's can send group messages.

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Data Security

No phone numbers are exchanged through the app so when the trip ends, all users are deleted ensuring teachers and students regain their privacy after the trip.

"What a perfect app to help me on school trips"


How it Works

A Step by Step Guide

Create your trip!

For your pupils’ security, every group on tripaid is created by the school’s Educational Visits Coordinator. Once they have logged on to our website, they can create a group for every trip in just a few clicks. Simply click “create trip” then select a start time, end time and give the trip a name. You will then be provided with 2 codes. One code for the teachers and one for the students, to be shared out and used on the app before their trip.

Step 2

The teacher code can be emailed out internally to staff on the trip or given out verbally. The student code can be sent out via your school’s internal communication process or the parental consent form. Should you require it, Tripaid provides a parental consent letter template to make this process easier. All the teachers and students then download our app from the website then enter their name and code before the trip starts, this adds them to the messaging group for the trip.

Step 3

Once you reach the start time for your school’s trip. Any teacher can then start the group by checking the register of people signed up, then pressing the “begin trip” button on the app. This will start the location/messaging sharing in the group and stop anyone else joining the group by rendering the codes void. In the app, teachers can edit the end time, add new students (by creating a temporary code) and delete members if needed. Once the trip ends, the group automatically shuts down so no members can locate or message you again.

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For Schools

TripAid allows your school to provide a safer environment for your students during school trips. Whether on a trip to the ski slopes, a foreign city, the beach or a theme park, any trip outside a classroom is a crucial time to

For Teachers

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For Students

TripAid is a simple new app to help you get the most out of your school trips. Whether exploring a new city, or finding out about coastal erosion, you can feel safe knowing that you can  message your teacher just by opening the

For Parents

Every parent nowadays, has the ability to locate and message their child, whenever the child goes out on their own. With TripAid, you can now be comforted to know that your child’s teacher can do the same during an educational

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