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Beginners guide - From registering to starting a trip in under 5mins.

To help new EVCs and teachers see how easy TripAid is to set up in your school, I have created a demo video. I show how an EVC can register the school, create a trip, then what teachers will see when using the app.

The video is less than 5 mins

4 Reasons TripAid is the only app for school trips.

TripAid is designed specifically for school trips by two teachers with over 30 years combined experience. There are other apps for messaging and location sharing, but TripAid sets itself apart by being conceived and created with teachers and

How it all began

In early 2019, I was running a small school trip to an educational talk in a nearby big city. It was supposed to be about as easy a trip to run as a teacher could hope for. Well it certainly didn’t start that way.

There was just me and a handful

Because the Safety of
your students matters to us

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